Business Operation Specialist - Data Oriented

Choose a job where you are truly valued. We're a small company with big clients, working with the latest technology and trends. We are actively looking for new, young colleagues with enthusiasm and innovative ideas who want to grow with us.

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Co bude tvým úkolem?
What will be your task?
  • In general, it will be primarily supporting internal departments from a process and data perspective. At our size, we are not yet a large corporate giant. Individual teams consist of a few people at most. Process support will mainly involve making sure that things are done efficiently and that collaboration between teams runs smoothly.
  • You will support the development of internal reporting (finance, HR, marketing data), working on the foundations of the data warehouse 😊 that we want to develop for these purposes. You will provide data for various analytical purposes and actively participate in data analysis.
  • In our platforms (Sloneek, JIRA, HubSpot), you will help set up agreed processes and monitor the quality of the data generated there.
  • Thanks to your cross-departmental work, you will also help with internal communications and general support, with the expectation that you will quickly become a key member with knowledge of the entire company.
  • You are not afraid to make suggestions for improvement, and you help keep track of tasks and plans. You document everything you discover.
Hledáme právě tebe, pokud:
We're looking for you if you:
  • are a recent graduate (Bachelor or Master) who is looking for a varied job and is not afraid of a dynamic environment. Any work experience is an advantage.
  • are detail-oriented, communicative and proactive - you don't let things "sleep".
  • have experience with MS Office - especially Excel superpowers 😊. Experience with the Office365 environment, SharePoint and OneDrive would be a plus.
  • have basic SQL skills.
  • have a foundation in process/data modeling - be able to describe a business process, identify key entities, and understand the information and data they exchange and require.
  • have experience with a reporting tool, PowerBI is preferred, but we are open to any tool.
  • are fluent in both written and spoken English.
A co ti nabízíme my?
And what do we offer you?
  • A great team and a chance to shine. Whether you are eager for your first opportunity to really stand out or prefer to stay in the background, you will find your place with us.
  • Specifically? We will help you explore the world of IT, especially data, and put you in touch with industry leaders from whom you can learn a lot.
  • Training and access to the latest technologies. Are you not familiar with the platforms mentioned in the introduction? No problem, we will give you plenty of time for training.
  • We are flexible about working hours and location.
  • Many additional benefits, such as a multisport card, phone plan, training. Every week you can attend an English lesson with a native speaker.
  • We have a great company culture. We organize team building activities and enjoy socializing.
  • You can also look forward to a 360-degree view of the city, perhaps with a cup of coffee in hand, right from our fantastic terrace in the heart of the metropolis.
We carefully go through your CV

We are mostly interested in your experience to date and, as far as students and graduates are concerned, projects carried out, diploma theses, or placements.

A short phone call

A short phone call gives us an idea of whether we understand each other and are a good match. We will also ask you more about anything we are interested in, and answer any questions you might have.

We meet in person

We will ask you to come in for a personal meeting with a project manager. There we will talk about the position you are applying for, your expectations, and your experience to date.

We will get back to you and we will be happy to discuss further details with you. By the way, we recruit practically constantly. Therefore, you can write to us even if you feel that you could cooperate with us for another (albeit not yet opened) position. We look forward to seeing you!
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