Helping organizations to use data for decisions.

We connect the worlds of business and IT. We use the results of in-depth analyses to design effective BI solutions for companies of all sizes, we help with the automation of development, and we offer our own platform for the management of data and metadata.
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What we do?

We are able to chart your way through the world of data.
From audit, through functional solution, to the operation of that solution.

Each company has its own specific needs, objectives, and tools that it uses. In our work, we therefore draw on an audit that tells us where you stand in terms of information and data management and where we can help you the most.


Together we analyse your business needs and propose how to accomplish them using the domain knowledge of our experts. Whether it involves procedural changes, reports, or the implementation of a new data warehouse.


We will prepare a customised data solution for you in line with a proposal. We adapt our cooperation together to what you are accustomed to - we will be happy to meet at your own offices or to communicate with your remotely.


How to secure quality data for good and not simply “in this particular instance”? People might come and go, but data remain. We will help you make sure that whatever you have achieved is sustainable in the long-term, and with low running costs.

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What can we offer?

We will help you build your data world. And effectively find exactly what you need in that world.
If you are interested in our services, contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.
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We are here to help you master the world of data and information management. Something we have been doing since 2013.
Komerční banka
BI Services

We systematically design and implement various functional DWH enhancements for Komerční banka. In addition to standard BI services, UD4D prepared a new information management strategy for theGlobal Competence Centre unit. As far as tools are concerned, we supply Komerční banka with our Dawiso platform, thanks to which metadata from more than 170 thousand tables in DWH, hundreds of reports, and thousands of terms in various dictionaries in a single place.


We are a long-term partner for Kooperativa in strategic planning in the field of information management. We help with setting up effective BI development processes. Last but not least, we implemented a data portal for Kooperativa, a central place for all data information, which is built on our own Dawiso platform.

Stora Enso
BI Services

At Stora Enso, we were put in charge of implementing and managing WhereScape - so that it would work flawlessly in the complex environment of a large multinational company. We set up best practices, designed the skeleton and functioning of the data warehouse, and have continued the development of WhereScape over the long term: implementing the required changes and working with Stora Enso on further improvements.

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Automate the life cycle of your data infrastructure, support the method of agile development, and concentrate on work with high value that will transform your IT.

WhereScape makes it possible to create new business data infrastructure for data integration and in doing so removes manual tasks.

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The only data warehouse developed for the cloud. Enhanced performance, native environment, and parallel access to data.

Snowflake makes it easier for you to manage all your data and offers developers and analysts entirely intuitive interface for their work. Snowflake minimises costs by automatically reducing output at times when your data warehouse is not operational.

Dawiso is a modern, user-friendly data management solution which supports its democratisation at data-driven organisations.

The active management of metadata makes it possible for anyone, irrespective of their technical know-how, to work with data in comfort and understand its meaning. At the same time, everyone can contribute toward improving documentation and in doing so elevate the value of information within the company.

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