Data transformations
as efficient as possible.

Build, manage, and collaborate on Snowflake data projects sustainably at scale.
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What makes Coalesce different?
Best-suited for the data-driven
development approach. Do
anything that Snowflake
supports, just more efficiently.
High customization
Create templates for all use
cases, from simple patterns to
complex workflows, create
unique setting for all nodes.
Fast delivery
Easy to set up and simple to
use. The first delivery can be
performed in less than a work-
week with just few hours of
Personalized UX
From business user to high-
skilled engineer. All can
embrace customized Coalesce
workspaces to streamline their
use of data.
Build new data pipelines from scratch with Coalesce
Data transformation can take more time and manpower than it should – making it almost impossible to prioritize versus other projects. Coalesce helps you transform data your way and without such hassle.
01. Work smarter, not harder
Automate transformations
Make change with few clicks
Develop at speed
Build templates
02. Manage projects of any size
Standardize transformations into data
Streamline pipeline development
See potential effects of structural
changes ahead
03. Transform data as a team
Share projects with others
Efficient collaboration
Ready for all SQL users
Instant context of your data
04. Benefits of the cloud
Automatically adds or subtracts computing means
Takes care of all data management
Several levels of security
Minimum impact on the customer in the event of any fault

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