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Automate development
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Automate the life cycle of your data infrastructure, support agile development methods, and focus on value-basedwork that delivers information faster and more efficiently.
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WherescapeEMEA Partner of the year
What makes WhereScape so effective?
Effective operation
Facilitates the automated development and effective operation of your data warehouse and data mart.
Cloud solution
In addition to "on-premise" support, the solution can also run in a cloud, whether its Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure, or Snowflake.
Runs on most platforms, such as Microsoft SQL Server, IBM, Teradata, Oracle, Greenplum, and Snowflake.
Smooth integration
Facilitates the fast integration of various data sources and in doing so provides results that can be seen fast.
What is the life cycle with WhereScape?
Your journey with WhereScape can begin with the creation of a new data warehouse, the prototype of a new functioning SWH unit, or the implementation of new technology.
01. Data comes first
Simple connection to data sources
Immediate selection of necessary data
Evaluation of data quality and data profiling
02. Automated development
Generated development which covers 80% of manual work
Automatic generation of all levels of DWH (stage — core — mart)
Simple modification and integration of ready solutions into the corporate environment
03. Simple maintenance
Documentation is generated automatically
Simple change management
Simple application to new technology (upgrades, migration, integration)

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